Here’s some things people have said about The Adventures Of Punchclops


“We like the strip, keep doing it!” – Rockjaw (Director of Community & Customer Support, Gazillion Entertainment)

“We’re big fans here at the office.” – Ryolnir (Community Coordinator, Gazillion Entertainment)

“Brilliant!” – technomancer (Senior Systems Engineer, Game Operations, Gazillion Entertainment)

Anytime I’m feeling tired or bummed out, I stop by to check out what crazy antics Punchclops has gotten into. – InkArray (Assoc. Producer, Gazillion Entertainment)

“This is by far the dumbest thing I’ve come across since playing this game. This is a sad day when there’s people out there who think this is funny. Wow.” – Revoltnepres (Marvel Heroes player)

“Wha? What I don’t even know what I read, lol.” – ThisOne (Marvel Heroes player)

“it was funny at first.. but in the end it is just stupid, and kind of insulting to the character” – Jaydiggs (Marvel Heroes player)

I love the artwork, and the idea is sound, but the writing just isnt funny at all. -NovaMike (Marvel Heroes player)

“Punchclops is a hack! – possumcorpse (Marvel Heroes player)

“This better make it into the reviews!” – Gooberstilly (Marvel Heroes player)

“Oh my god I can’t believe I have read all of this…And can’t tell if I am dumber because of it….Or smarter??? Probably smarter.” – Attackfrog (Marvel Heroes player)