And with issue 50 we reach the end of an era.

It’s certainly been a wild ride. When I created my first Adventures of Punchclops comic I had no idea what lay ahead for me. I thought maybe I’d be able to come up with a small handful of dumb ideas worth immortalising in comic form. I had no idea I’d manage 50 of them!

It hasn’t been easy publishing three of these a week while working full time but it has been fun. And it certainly hasn’t been easy coming up with new jokes every two or three issues! 😉

Many thanks to everyone who had nice things to say about the comic and to those who have suggested fun ideas for me to use. Thanks to Gazillion for creating a fun game and all the great Gazillion people who have expressed their enjoyment of the comic. And extra special thanks to the D’ast Raccoonatics guild and CommissarSCV for their support and for being available to stand in as various heroes for screenshots.

This isn’t necessarily the end of course. There’s still that whole Punchclops vs Wolverine saga to one day tell! And I do have a few ideas for a completely new direction which may bear fruit if I can figure out how to make them.

If you really really want to see more then email me! And Gazillion. And Marvel. And your local government representatives. And the NSA, though they probably already know.

Keep on punching!